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wedding dresses for older brides

So, this guy shoots a buck, field dresses it and hangs it up in tree and then he's off to do something else. So, when this guy comes back, a California Condor is making a meal of it, picking at the meaty carcass, scavenging. So, this guy avenges himself on the unarmed winged creature, shoots the magnificent/innocent big bird dead. So, in this case I hope the Honorable Judge throws the book of law and or 'The Bible', so help me God, at this guy. And so for Community Service makes him run around and cleanup all the pigeon $#!t that drops from every high cornice on the old courthouse, catching it by mouth and collecting it by stomach, before the bird S#!t can even hit the sidewalk. Which reminds me, this chick (pictured below with a sadistic smirk on her smugly mug shot) makes me sick, just thinking about it, too. Just think what a POS' pair these two "nature lovers" would make and if so, Ted Nugent could play at their wedding. So, 'Shut Up and Play Your Guitar', "Here comes the bride, all dressed in white (all stained with red giraffe blood) ... and so forth and so on. wedding dresses for older brides

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