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simple prom dresses

As I'm going through my sewing box this morning, I find this photo of my dad. I have no idea how it got here, but Im grateful. I was just telling someone the other day that my dad taught me to sew because I asked him to when I was about 26. The thing to know is that my mom was quite the seamstress, sewing many of my clothes (as well as my sister's and her own) as I was growing up, including my prom dress. I learned much from her by accompanying her to the fabric store regularly and watching her cut patterns, but that is where it ended. Maybe I never showed true interest, or maybe she didn't have the patience once she put her foot to the pedal, but she didnt even teach me how to thread a machine. I am not great at sewing... I look for easy patterns and create simple designs on my own, and I know my limits. I'm grateful for the memory of sitting in my living room at my mother's sewing machine with my dad walking me through making my first skirt. simple prom dresses # Diddy