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sexy red dresses

I committed to sharing. I promised myself the numbers were not the most important metric. I bought a gorgeous dress yesterday to seal that promise.

But before we get to that...I must reflect on where I started. The starting line for this most recent program may have been 3 weeks ago, but my real start was 4 years ago. sexy red dresses

From Nov 2013 until today there have been 44 challenges. Baby steps. Incremental changes outside and inside.

30 mins a day to a healthier happier me. More confidence, better nutrition, more energy, more spark, more dreams, cuter clothes, career changes, growth all over.

Today I share the numbers for the last 3 weeks...
*Down 4 pounds.
*Lost 4 inches

At first I got mad. That isn't enough. I can't share this I thought.

Then I thought of all the other things that I accomplished in just 3 weeks...

*moved up in weight 4x
*pushed play 21x
*licked the blender clean 17x + 4 shaken
*zero night shades (that means no potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, egg plant, chipotle, paprika, red pepper,...)
*18 miles dog walks
*3 days on the road nailed food
*54 meals cooked home
*5 garbage bags of clothes purged from closet

And I remember where I started...85 pounds heavier, 10 skirt sizes larger, exhausted, angry, limited, defeated, fearful.

And I know this is enough. I am enough.

What I can't show are the photos of the inside. That you have to experience yourself.

Take my hand. JOIN me and start your snowball of change. My next challenge starts in a week. It is YOUR TURN.