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prom dresses for petite figures

Choosing the Right Prom Dress for Your Body Shape

Petite or slender, no matter what your body shape, you can sizzle the prom night with a dress that is a perfect fit for your figure.
Ever wondered why a particular dress looks good on certain people but the same just falls boringly on you? Well, the answer to this is as simple as understanding that not every one is made alike. Apart from the distinguishing features, each individual is blessed with a different body type. That s ... aid, it’s time you determined what is your body shape.
Are you a triangle or a rectangle? Do you have the coveted curves that make an hour-glass figure, or are you simply busty? Understanding your body type is one of the easiest way to find a dress that will not just flatter your figure but also make you look fabulous and attractive. Basically, understanding your body shape works to your advantage by allowing you to accentuate your coveted features, while down playing the negative aspects of your shape. So, whether you are curvy, busty, slender, petite, or blessed with a generous bottom, you are sure to find a dress that will make you look stunning for the prom. prom dresses for petite figures
Simply put, if you have a fuller bust, a wide waist, teamed with slender arms, legs, and hips you are an apple-shaped body. Your broad shoulders and heavier bust is what makes your upper body noticeably larger than the rest of your body.

Quite the opposite of an apple-shaped body, a pear-shaped body has a smaller bust with wider hips. You have a well-defined waist, while being blessed with shoulders that are narrower than your hips. Clearly a triangle, you are curvier at the bottom, with a slender neck and narrow shoulders.

Your broad shoulders, tapering waist, and narrow hips is what defines your body type. Your wider than waist shoulders teamed with flat hips and bottoms is what makes you appear bustier than others.
Your body is characteristically slender with a small frame, and often than not, you are termed as athletic or slim. The waist is in line with the hips and the bust leaving little scope for curves, making your body seem more like a rectangle. As a rule, you should create curves by opting for styles that fit snugly at your middle, but flare out at the bottom.
Curvy yet proportionate, hourglass bodies have well-defined waists along with balanced shoulders and hips. Being naturally blessed with a defined bust, waist and a neat bottom, you can pull off just about any figure hugging outfit with ease.
Small-framed, dainty, well-trimmed, almost doll-like, is what this body type is all about. Your body is blessed with a small bust, narrow shoulders, straight bottoms, and hips. Your petite frame can be accentuated to create an illusion of a tall person.

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