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long black evening dresses

"Women Who Wear Black lead colourful lives"
Neiman Marcus

The Story of the Litlte Black Dress


Born: 1926 in Paris France
Perhaps the most legendary of Coco Chanel's Designs
Described as "Little" because it was "Discreet"

While Chanel had designed long, black evening dresses as early as 1917 and had regularly worn black herself, her 1926 collection presented shorter black dresses to be worn at any time of day or night - differentiating day from night designs only by fabric choice - black wood for day and black silk crepe, satin and velvet for evening.

The basic dresses were spare and simple, but were decorated with jeweled belts or white collars and cuffs and much jewelry. Initial responses to their severity were not unanimously positive. American Vogue magazine predicted that Coco's LBD would become a "sort of uniform for all modern women of taste" and compared the dresses to the black, mass-produced Ford motor cars - implying, correctly, that they would become standard wear for the masses.

The LBD's simplicity would overcome a woman's fear of being seen in the same dress as another woman, reflecting an essential element of Chanel's view that a woman should be more important than her clothes or; that, her clothes should be the background to her personality and that "the eccentricity should be in the woman not the dress." In 1926 the now-legendary LBD, responded to these principles by drawing as much attention to the woman as to her dress; and at the same time allowed the wearer to look sleek, seductive and elegant in an entirely new way. long black evening dresses

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