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graduation dresses

Crying ............... Girl Thank you so much
1 For all the Gifts you have given me Before i say thanks again

2 Yesterday I scolded you But inspite of all that not keeping in heart you have taken all the positive Scoldings and came back With a Smile i Really Like it graduation dresses


3 Do you know something I don't scold if i scold i will be the person Crying more than any one i don't eat any thing

4 The People who i respect close to my heart i scold
And i Receive the Scoldings they have the Rights to fight
With me

5 For me scolding i give like full meals and also take take
Full meals

6 In that way Rachna keeps giving me full meals but with
Love and care that is what i do with people close to me

7 That short film you posted yesterday i got Anger m sorry

8 From my childhood i had no choice i use to carry my
Cricket kit with dress so more than any dress this
White is sticking to me

9 I Remember when i scolded Rachna i put her so much pressure
She has to comple double graduation that was the last time i
Scolded her But even my scoldings she will take in the right
Sense like you

10 Every on e think m a very angry man but in Real how soft and
Like kid i feel only Rachna KNows about me

11 M Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry
I scolded you M Sorry M Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

12 You know this is only my weakness I scold before they Realize
And i say to them Sorry

13 From my childhood my sister is my world she is elder to me
She is Dr she never scolds me i will scold her fight with her
And i scold her if she hides all her text books my mother
Use to keep her text books Locked becausee of Pregancy
Figs in the text book huge books any thing hidden i will
Find it out my mother use to say this is not the age for you

To know all those things i didn't know the negative impact
I just want to know why it is hidden what is there in that
14 then when i got to find i saw dead bodies hands legs cut
In their medical labs then seeing those pics i got vomit
And then i realized it is not my cup of coffee and then

My sister use to say that is why my younger will faint
We kept it hidden

M Sorry very sorry pls don't post like that even Rachna will see
Any women will get angry Ms orry Smile okay Good girl

A Rachu you to watch this First video yaar

With Love

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