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gold mother of the bride dresses


*A Story Written By Ayodele Adeoye©*

As soon as they arrived at the hotel, Ola was set to perform his first conjugal duty. He went to shower and came in to bed with towel wrapped around his waist. 'Can you join me on the bed so we can do like husband and wife', Ola told Antonia in a romantic voice. 'Come to bed to do what? Have sex? No, we can't have sex now until you pay my bride price. We are not properly married yet until you do all the traditional rites.'

'But the church has blessed us and the Reverend has pronounced us man and wife', Ola argued.

'I will not commit fornication with you, I cannot defile the bed.'

'Forni what? Do married couples commit fornication?' Ola asked.

'Since you will not allow me touch you there is no need staying overnight at the hotel. Arrange your things and let's check out now.'

'But I thought we are here to rest from the stress of the wedding and to stay away from distraction', she queried?

'Did you bring me here just because of sex? Don't you think we should think about how to sort out Tosin and her family palaver before thinking of sex? I am more worried about my friend and what she will think of me when she hears I am with her husband. She seems to me as the original wife. How can we even have sex when we don't know each other's health status? We need to do test for HIV and other life threatening diseases.'

Ola and Antonia managed to spend the night together in the hotel but it was an all night of argument and quarrel. In the morning, the argument and quarrel continued. 'You are a gold digger, reaping where you you never sow'. You are a husband snatcher and a schemer'. Ola continued to rain insults on Antonia. 'You are the one who is a gold digger who wants to marry another man's love.' 'It's you who wanted to take a woman that belongs to another man. 'It's you who wanted to reap where David sow. After all I didn't force you to propose to me'. It's not your fault, I should have turned down your proposal when your run away arranged wife betrayed you. I should have allow you bear your shame in front of your guests. Shameless man who is not man enough to marry by himself. Let me tell you, if you won't measure up full for me, likewise I will not take it half-full from you.'

'Today is Sunday and we are suppose to attend the second service for our wedding thanksgiving. Let nobody suspect anything, let's dress up so we can meet up with the second service. Let's switch on our phones now, many people must have been trying to reach us. They both switched on their cell phones'. After our wedding thanksgiving, we shall be heading to your uncle's place to pay your dowry.' Ola told Antonia. While they were still talking Antonia's phone was the first to ring. It's was her uncle who gave her hand in marriage. 'Hello Antonia', 'hello sir'! 'You have to see me immediately', he told Antonia on phone. 'We shall be coming after our wedding thanksgiving service', she replied. 'No, there maybe no need for that now. Come and see me first before anything. I will skip the church service this morning, just to wait for you'. 'Okay sir, I will be there in a short while.' gold mother of the bride dresses

'Where are you going'? Ola asked! 'To see my uncle of course, he wants to see me urgently. Moreover I cannot go to church with you this morning. You know I have no other dress than this. I can't wear the same cloth I wore for the the wedding, for the thanksgiving.
'We can go to the nearest boutique to get you some ready-made dress. If we don't attend the second service for the thanksgiving it will raise a lot of suspicion'.

'No, I have to see my uncle first. We can do our wedding thanksgiving next Sunday, she said. Moreover, today is Sunday and no boutique will open this early today. I have to see my uncle first'.

'But I am the man and I am your head. The bible says "wives submit to your husbands". '
But you are not my husband yet. I will only submit to you after you have become my full husband.'

While the argument was on, Ola's mother called! 'Ola where are you? Why did you leave the wedding venue without a word? You want to kill me abi? I and your father have been worried since yesterday. Ola, are you okay? Where is Tosin? Oh no, I mean your wife'.

'She's fine mum.'

'Hold on for your father', 'hello Ola!' 'Hello daddy'! 'What was the meaning of what you did yesterday? Why did you ridicule me amidst my friends and relatives? Why did you not seek my consent before doing what you did?' 'I am sorry dad, I will explain when I come back'. 'Where are you now?', his father asked. 'Don't worry dad I will be coming home soon'.

Why do you think Antonia's uncle wants to see her urgently? Find out in part 5......