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evening gowns with sleeves

Aunty Clara episode 2
I heard a whisper it said ‘Don’t be scared it’s me ’, this was followed by a soft bite on my ear which sent shivers down my spine, the
smell from the hair was very familiar I
immediately recognised it as Clara’s, I wanted
to resist but I just couldn’t, I wanted to say
something but the words wouldn’t just come
out, I knew for sure it was Clara even with the
dim light in the room, the air was so chilled
mixed with the lovely aroma from every angle
perforating my sense of smell, the aura
around me was one of utmost seductiveness,
coupled with a pinch of fear of the unknown,
with her hands into my Pyjamas she explored
my chest graciously, and in a surge of sexual
anxiety she ripped my pyjama top apart
causing the buttons to fly recklessly into the
air, squatting on top of me in the cowgirl
position she bends to my ear and whispers
sentences of sweet nothingness, raises her
head up with her hand on my chest she says
to me in a fairly loud tone ‘Bleep me till I can
Pour no more’ I was shocked at her Explicit
language, but like a genie I was about to
grant her wish, I reached immediately for her
boosoms sq££zed it through her night gown
which was loose at the bust, I took down the
spaghetti sleeves and s----d on her sensitive
Tips meticulously, she m0aned in pleasure,
and in a state of blissful unconsciousness
she said ‘sU-Ck my puusy baby’, before I could reply she made her way up to my face, with her legs still apart she sat on my mouth, leaving my lips and tongue to French kiss her evening gowns with sleeves
clean shaven m---d, which was already
dripping wet, she jerked her legs forward and
backward while screaming Yes! Yes!, the
warmth of her juice together with the sweet
smell of her lady orifice made my instrument
rock hard, and like a preview of an unreleased
movie I knew that i would be Approaching/
coming soon, she jerked so fast that my
tongue could barely keep up with the pace,
having enough of that episode, she went back
to her previous position and bends over and
kisses me passionately