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black party dresses

I had actually created recycled art. using plated silverware that no one was using, buying the glass scraps from jewelry and bead atist . then crating my own combination of fine art jewelry.
at the time recycled art was trendy.
my piece are very professionally finished and rate high with onlookers as eye candy , nothing like what a store would have, each piece has its own personality and attraction to the wearer.
I learned metalsmithing while at the academy of arts in Memphis. my metal smith teacher called me mr. aesthetic.
I take everything for its purity in form and statement.
one of my projects was being catholic and an altar boy. I wanted to make a real working chalice. gold being to expensive and my love for early history, I used bronze sheet and poured bronze to create a barbarian chalice. a real head cracker in weight. first I drew it out life size on paper then started putting the pieces together. art school was a tremendous outlet for my creativity and hands. I learned to weave ( I knew basketry and leatherwork from boy scouts. being an eagle scout at 14. with badges clear to my backside and catholic boy scout medal to boot).
I learned to weave fabric, print fabric, designed clothes, pillows from the fabric I printed.
never could commit enough time to throwing pots. kevin mogan will attest that that takes 200 percent concentration when first learning.
metalsmith class was great. I even made gold wedding bands for family friends. did small portraiture sculpture.
in printmaking class I made a 4 x6 foot board by laminating sections together and carved out a print I did in high school of me, mike fox, and hook hannon. I called it the three stooges.
I learned wood working in the fancy wood shop we had, made my own frames and matted my art.
sculpture class was a great endeavor.
art school was an unlimited resource. I was a pup, going to classes with the 60's generation coming back to school, to include Vietnam vets, and peace marchers, not to mention the free love community ( I will leave this subject to your imagination)
art school had no limitations emotionally,mentally, physically, artistically. my parents raised me in a box, college I grew out of that box.
you guys had a real mental college of academic studies. I had a real physical,mental,emotional, issue with creativity and who and how if it in. the 60's I got to live in the tale end of free love ,peace, 60's music so on. hallucination with either mushrooms, blotter, orange barrel, was like the Indians experienced. a true release from reality and the search for who you were and your spirit form. I found mine to be a universal image that took any and all forms.
art school when I wnet was much like the days of the early community of expressionist, cubist,etc.
I left when amy carter went to school there. it went from a fine art school to a commercial political institution full of secret service,
we had some terrific Halloween parties, parties in general were far out. everyone had their persona. I went to studio class every day dressed like a mountain man. I had the bushy beard, fur boots, rabbit skin hat, levi strauss hat with a turkey feather. made my own possibles bag to carry my art needs.
my last haloween party where we had dead elvis arrive in a real coffin, I dressed as an indian. took me months to make my breast plate, headdress, loincloth, all made using real bone,leather,found materials to create a realistic costume.
again being aesthetic, I did win third place for my cool dance with a war lance,
well, I did not mean to go on, my life has a day to day existence, so I am taking the oppurtunity to share my experience and stories. thanks to mike fox for pushing me to write it down. everything I tell is true with no exaggeration. one thing I am not guilty of is lying or embellishing to make a worthy story. I truly lived the life of a free artist in a disciplined world. the army was my key. combined with art school and the fact my dad always called me stupid. I did what most just dreamed. I actually reached every dream I had by mere doing one thing that led to another. I was born crippled and told I could not compete with others. my neighborhood friends bullied me everyday to where I thought that was normal.
when I cam home from the army and living in Europe. I found those same friends doing nothing and jealous of what I had accomplished to date. I even started my own artworks studio, hired these friends, who in final took advantage of my good nature, joe serena gave me three little plaques in our last years a frhs (remember I was expelled for driking beer on the school bus,returning the next year to redeem my name) those plaques I have today where I see them every day. one says "TAKE TIME" the other"THE GRAND ESSENTIALS IN THIS LIFE ARE SOMETHING TO DO. SOMETHING TO LOVE. AND SOMETHING TO HOPE FOR. the last one reads "MAY YOUR PATH BE STREWN WITH FLOWERS, MEMORIES, FRIENDS, AND HAPPY HOURS. MAY BLESSINGS COME FROM HEAVEN ABOVE, TO FILL YOUR LIFE WITH PEACE AND LOVE. black party dresses
thanks joe serena, my life was lived exactly to the letter that each of these small plaques read. I have taken well care for them. they still look brand new.
peace and love to those who care
I no longer believe in church and religion ( fr. dickman was a pedophile and they did nothing to him. but I got expelled for drinking)
I have my faith and it is real. my church is outside everywhere I go
thank you for teaching us to question everything we are taught. he told us find out for yourself the truth. and I did just that.
I was never a cripple, or handicapped, everyone else was as I learned latter